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EBACE 2008: Call for “sensible”business security

Chief executive of the British Business and General Aviation Association (BBGAA) Guy Lachlan is calling for a change in security regulations for the business aviation community.

Speaking before this afternoon’s session on EU and US security developments Lachlan said: “As an industry we need to ensure people run secure operations, but that their flexibility is not compromised. We need to implement a sensible scheme. Generally, either the owner or the corporation hiring the aircraft knows who the passengers are on board.

“People flying in the aircraft tend to be friends or colleagues. If we created something like a ‘known traveller programme’, we could provide better data on the people on board. This could mean simplified screening at the point of departure with sensible checks to make sure people getting on are who they say they are.”

He points out there is no point taking cutlery off an aircraft if someone one on board is seated next to the crash axe, mandated by law to be on board. The same principle applies to screening hand baggage if someone has access to their other luggage throughout the journey. The BBGAA is working with the European Council of General Aviation Support and the European Business Aviation Association to create a known traveller scheme



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